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A bendable dildo for every bodyA customizable dildo with a poseable shaftBend it to hit the G-spot or prostateMakes position changes easier during strap-on playSlim shaft and tapered tip—great for peggingSuctions to flat, smooth surfacesChoose between the small and medium sizesA CUSTOMIZABLE DILDOEvery body is different, and so is every time you have sex. That’s why the LIMBA FLEX bends to hold a variety of shapes and angles—so you can hit the spot for any body, in any position.WHAT MAKES THIS BENDABLE DILDO SPECIAL?Buying toys can be a guessing game: you try to figure out what shape your body will like the best without trying it first. The LIMBA FLEX takes the guesswork out of it. If you discover you want a dildo with an extreme G-spot curve, just bend it into that shape. If you want a straight shaft, just bend it back. This customizable dildo makes it easy to try lots of different positions and ways to play without switching out your toys.It’s also a great packing dildo! Just bend the LIMBA FLEX so it fits under your clothes, then pull it out when you’re ready to play!I WANT TO TRY ANAL PLAY! IS THE LIMBA FLEX GOOD FOR PEGGING?Heck yes! One of the top concerns we hear from first-time anal players is whether putting a toy in their butt will be uncomfortable. We hear that! The LIMBA FLEX is shaped to make insertion easy and comfy. The tip is tapered, so that, with lube, this dildo will slide right in. The shaft is also on the slim side, so you get to enjoy a feeling of fullness while staying in your comfort zone. Oh, and if you want to try prostate play, just bend the shaft toward the receiver’s belly button.DOES IT REALLY STAY IN POSITION?Yup! The firm wire in this customizable dildo’s core keeps it in the shape you choose until you’re ready to bend it into another.WHAT MAKES THIS BENDABLE DILDO GOOD FOR HARNESS USE?One special feature of this dildo is its super thin base, which lets you get closer than ever to your partner during strap-on play.HOW DO I KNOW IF I WANT THE SMALL OR MEDIUM SIZE LIMBA FLEX?Do you prefer thrusting or grinding? Thanks to its shorter shaft, the LIMBA FLEX S is perfect for riding your toy, especially while you grind against a partner who’s strapped it on. The longer LIMBA FLEX M is awesome for thrusting. If you’re strapping it on, it also gives you greater control and makes it easier to change positions.

Limba Flex - Fun Factory

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