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Double dildo for shared funA wearable double dildo that’s perfect for strapping onYou both get to feel every thrustCurves against the wearer’s G-spotGentle ridge for the receiver’s pleasureVelvety silicone holds lube well, for fewer interruptionsA “STRAPLESS” DILDO FOR TWOEnjoy harness-free play with this wearable double dildo—or add a harness back into the mix to support more athletic positions.WHAT MAKES THE SHARE SPECIAL?Here’s how it works: the wearer inserts the smaller “bulb” end vaginally. With its full shape and strategically-placed curve, the bulb allows you to feel what you’re doing to your partner—or what your partner is doing to you. For the receiver, the shaft of this strapless dildo is firm and smooth, with stimulating grooves running up and down the shaft and a prominent head for G-spot or prostate play.CAN I USE THE SHARE WITHOUT A HARNESS?You can, although a harness will give you support during more active positions. As with every toy of this kind (strapless strap-ons), some people can hold it in easily, some find it a lot more difficult, and some people find that their natural lubrication makes the toy slip right out! If you want to play without a harness, it’s helpful to use your hand to brace the toy, especially when you’re changing positions.CAN I MASTURBATE WITH THE SHARE?Yes, and it’s awesome. The flexible external piece allows for a gear shifting movement that tugs gently on the internal bulb and gives amazing pressure and motion against the clit. (This works well with a partner too: strap-on BJs and hand jobs just got a lot better.) Alternatively, flip the SHARE around and use the bulb as a handhold while you enjoy the dildo.

Share - Fun Factory

SKU: 24406
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