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FUN FACTORY CHARGERWHAT’S THIS CHARGER FOR?This is the magnetic charger that comes with most FUN FACTORY rechargeable toys. (The BE·ONE comes with a different one, but it can be charged using this cable.) Bring an extra with you when you travel, replace the one you left in a hotel room, or leave a charger at your sweetheart’s house, so that your favorite FUN FACTORY toy won’t run out of power during an all-night marathon.IS IT REGION-SPECIFIC?This universal charger can be plugged into any USB port or converter plug, anywhere in the world.HOW DO I USE THE USB MAGNETIC CHARGER?When you want to charge your toy, just plug your charger into a power source and make sure that its red light comes on. Then, line up the two magnetized metal dots on your charger with the two metal dots on your toy, and let them click into place. When your toy is connected to power, the buttons on its control panel will light up. Your toy will not operate when charging.

USB cable - Fun Factory

SKU: 1020103
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